Geospatially Referenced
Species & Object Detection

Specific Species & Object detection using our custom Convolutional Neural Network

Case Study (Phragmites Australis)

Phragmites is a non-native, invasive perennial plant that grows in wetlands and along roadsides and shorelines throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed and Great Lakes.

Data Collection & Dissimination

High resolution water based image data collection

High resolution land based image data collection

Automatic detection of Phragmities in high density location. Image classification confidence 95% accurate

Resulting data integrated into location specific interactive 2D heat map

Interactive 360° virtual interface drill down

Rapid On-Demand Object Training & Deployment

Customers can use our intituive user interface to train their own machine learning model in a few hours

Deployment of machine learning detection model can be used with any large imagery dataset including image set, drone imagery and video